Giovanni Raspini's new 2021 campaign
Beauty that is reborn, speaking to the heart and mind.

A visual narrative poised between dream and reality – its balance treads on the razor's edge between what we desire and what we already believe we possess, between pursuit and presence, between truth and imagined beauty: this is the concept underlying Giovanni Raspini's new 2021 advertising campaign.

A campaign image that reflects the Tuscan jewellery brand's identity as never before, aiming at a purity of message that can reach the mind and heart in an essential way. The conceived mood seeks a virtuous dialogue between three elements: woman, piece of jewellery and natural element, which this year is represented by water. Water as a symbol of life, strength, rebirth, but also synonymous with mystery and magic. A casting that expresses the search for a woman who unites the fundamental elements of contemporaneity with the ability to be reassuring, not aggressive and, above all, genuine. This is why Barbara Shilova was selected: she was photographed with a precise style and makeup direction, representing her in all her authenticity and simple beauty.

The photo shoot was by photographer Lucia Giacani, who captured the Tuscan brand's campaign image for the fourth time. A fashion and art photography professional who manages to create a wonderful dynamic and chromatic, delicately luminous balance.

Giovanni Raspini's 2021 campaign tells the story of beauty, doing so with simple spontaneity. A promise of style and excellence that comes right from the heart of Tuscany.