Valentine 2014
Giovanni Raspini, a beauty that captivates.

Valentine 2014 a collection by Giovanni Raspini dedicated to love and to those who are in love. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and charms: fourteen silver and Swarovski crystal jewels, showing the common icon of Cupid, the winged boy who with his darts causes people to fall in love.

The lunar light of the metal and the fiery red heart-shaped "riviere" crystals (as passion), or transparent (as purity), promise a Valentine's Day full of beauty and sincerity. This is a timeless jewel that Giovanni Raspini intends to dedicate to all those who cannot live without love, on the day dedicated to the oldest and most celebrated sentiment.

Living, loving, dreaming of: Valentine's Day, everything becomes possible. A beautiful bouquet of red roses, a Prince Charming and elegant and in love who pulls out of his pocket a casket with the most radiant jewel. Valentine, 2014, the precious creations by Giovanni Raspini, contemporary passion for a brand of excellence.