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2020/21 Fall Winter Jewels Collection

2020/21 Fall Winter Jewels Collection


| 17 September 2020

The new beauty by Giovanni Raspini. Contemporaneity, innovation and excellence. Giovanni Raspini's Fall Winter 2020/21 Collection tells the story of beauty, transforming it into jewellery where tradition and experimentation blend to create a unique style.

Petra is a collection in silver and gilded silver dedicated to the mineral world. The innovative and peculiar texture appears on the jewellery as if carved and engraved by light.  

The Ad Astra collection draws inspirations from the ancient charm of the starry sky and the crescent moon. The collection is composed of the stylistic synthesis of burnished silver spheres and natural pearls.

Flat represents the minimalism of circular shapes, combined with the strength of the hand-hammered finish, which confers exceptional shine to the silver surface.

The dialogue of the interconnected rings and the sense of lightness that derives from them gives the collection Brooklyn a minimalist elegance and extremely dynamic forms.

And, last but not least, Man Line, Giovanni Raspini enriches the collection dedicated to the male world with bracelets and rings inspired by classic themes reinterpreted in contemporary terms.

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