Babylon: Art deco allure and extra-ordinary beauty

Babylon: Art deco allure and extra-ordinary beauty


| 08 November 2023

The new Babylon limited edition collection captures the timeless class of art deco and blends it with the allure of the Giovanni Raspini animalier world.

The perfect harmony between design and inspiration is reflected in six majestic pieces, crafted in silver with the ancient lost-wax casting technique and enriched with large bright zircons that add a touch of irresistible brilliance to the jewellery, enhancing the distinctive glow of the silver itself.

The collection is grouped into three motif styles that are stylistically distinct, yet uniform and complementary.The Crocodile Palace necklace, a sumptuous and technically complex piece of jewellery, is a perfect expression of craftsmanship that embodies the strength and determination of the king of reptiles, the crocodile.

The Leopard Empire jewellery set is a unique jewellery configuration, a celebration of art deco with its geometric motifs. Bright zircons capture and reflect the light considerably, while the bold design embodies the indomitable spirit of the leopard.

The Lion Astoria jewellery set in burnished silver and zircons is a tribute to the king of the savannah, the lion.

The new exclusive Babylon collection is a unique opportunity to own a creation with great emotional impact, an expression of timeless design and the wild force of the animal world.

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