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2020 ADV campaign

2020 Adv Campaign


| 19 February 2020

Nature and matter for advertising in the name of truth. Strength of matter, truth in narration, the emotions of reality: this is the concept of the new 2020 advertising campaign by Giovanni Raspini. For the first time, the shoot leaves the photographic studio to interact with a real location, with a panorama of rocks. Unique shapes forged by time that come into contact with the plastic shapes of jewellery. 

Giovanni Raspini's new campaign vigorously represents strong communication with high emotional impact that is also essential and minimal, precisely because it revolves around only three elements: the context, a woman and the jewellery she wears.

The brand relied on the Swiss photographer living in Paris, Elsa Guillet to make it all possible. She was chosen precisely because of her ability to shoot outdoors and in real scenarios. Guillet knows how to interpret natural spaces and real light and is perfectly able to mix these with artificial ones.

Moreover, she has elegant, unusual and dreamlike taste. The young Portuguese Maria Rosa was chosen as the model for her delicate face, intense gaze and an elegant feminine fragility which, when contrasted with the strong and rocky context, contributes to the photo shoot's emotional aspects and gives value to the jewellery worn.

Above all, the new campaign tells a story with the tools of a communication with great conceptual and visual impact. A promise of beauty and harmony made thanks to the creativity of Giovanni Raspini. Contemporary excellence from the heart of Tuscany.

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