The Elegance of the Toad
Giovanni Raspini co-author of the new Cairo Editore book.

Times are changing, codes of behaviour and of good taste  also change. Giovanni Raspini alweays interested in contemporary aesthetic codes, is co-author, with journalist and writer Francesco Maria Rossi, of a new Cairo Editore book “The Elegance of the Toad, a Post modern handbook of good manners and bad thougts”.

Handbook on etiquette, a Baedeker, an essay on costume, a humorous pamphlet, a survival manual: “The Elegance of the Toad” is all these things, but it is also the exact opposite. Here we talk of doing, being and having. Luxury and simplicity. Ethics and morals. Whether it is better to wear a tie or bow tie, or what is the true art of the living room. He talks lovingly of elegance, shopping, and o the contemporary aperitif. And yet of Time, Space and Silence, now really the most precious commodities. And you smile, you laugh. At last!