WILD in Milan
The event exhibition of Palazzo Serbelloni.

There are places where it's nice to get together and enjoy the night. Such place is Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan, a location of great charm chosen by Giovanni Raspini for the exhibition-event WILD. A vernissage & rock dinner party, which took place on January the 28th, with the participation of the Milan fashion world, the journalists and many other important guests from the city of Milan and from all parts of Italy. As a guest, also Class TV, in the person of Jo Squillo, director and presenter of the first Italian television fully dedicated to fashion, customs and lifestyles. 

In rooms rich in gold and antique stuccoes, that have seen the passage of Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince Metternich and Vittorio Emanuele II, thirty pictorial and materic works by Giovanni Raspini have found hospitality. These, were born as a creative project for its jewels. Two frescoed boudoirs with mythological scenes have instead created the setting for the exhibition of the Wild animalier jewelry, that is the final realization of the Tuscan designer’s work.

Here, the event's photo reportage.

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