WILD / signs and animalier jewels
An exhibition and a book celebrate Giovanni Raspini's creativity.

WILD / signs and animalier jewels is the great exhibition of drawings and jewels, which lands in the halls of Palazzo Serbelloni in Corso Venezia 16, Milano, from January 28th to February the 5th, and again in Munich, Germany, on May the 19th, and Naples in Fall 2016.

WILD is a sincere homage to Giovanni Raspini’s freedom and imagination. A “travel journal” consisting in drawing and paintings; an extraordinary collection of creative ideas, which is expressed in the Tuscan jeweller’s scrapbook: the magic book of his personal and collective memories where ideas overlap with designs, matter, drawings and photographs, quotes, magazines cuttings and fragments of calligraphy. In this way the primeval idea of the jewels designer becomes an accomplished image: 30 panels which offer to the onlooker the spectacle of artistic creation.

This is how Giovanni Raspini jewels are born, they too are exhibited in the rooms of Palazzo Serbelloni: the bold naturalistic non-geometric design and the plastic quality of the project make his precious creations clearly recognizable. The form and harmony of contemporary taste, with the excellence of the craftsmanship which derives from the great goldsmith tradition. These are important jewels, of a unique personality, from an authentic animalier inspiration.

WILD is also the book written by Francesco Maria Rossi and published by Edifir Firenze, who collects the panels and the jewels born from the ability and imagination of the Tuscan silversmith, they are creations that express all his admiration for a simple, unselfconscious of nature. Giovanni Raspini loves circularity, reflection, combination of ideas, people, things. His time is a wonderful tangle out of which springs out a timeless elegance. Since the future cannot be imagined, but experienced.

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WILD / signs and animalier jewels
from 10 am to 6 pm (closed on Sunday)
Palazzo Serbelloni, at Cambi Casa d'Aste
16, Corso Venezia - Milan