New opening in Verona
Giovanni Raspini's new store in the city of love.

The new Giovanni Raspini autumn opening is in Verona, a city with over two millennia of history, today rich and lively center of the Veneto region, as well as an important destination for international tourism. It is a very central boutique between the Arena and Piazza delle Erbe, in Via Mazzini 24A, in the street of luxury and the most prestigious brands. A busy pedestrian area very popular among people of Verona and tourists either.

Giovanni Raspini Veronese store is an exclusive and welcoming contemporary space, where the architects of the brand realised an important restyling of the original concept, while retaining its iconic elements. The project highlights the dialogue between light and shadow, black and white, with the dark furniture and the wall cabinets that stand out on the white floor. Verona and Giovanni Raspini: a duo of excellence and style for a brand that combines tradition and research, identity and contemporary forms. For all of those who love to fall in love with beauty.

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