The new Giovanni Raspini store in Venice
Giovanni Raspini opens on Rialto Bridge, the most iconic place in the lagoon.

In the marvellous setting of the city symbol of beauty, and precisely in one of the sites privileged by Canaletto the painter, the new Giovanni Raspini store is situated against the Rialto bridge on the side leading to Campo San Bartolomio, exactly on the front corner of Riva Ferro, in a privileged position which enables a view of the Grand CanalUp to the 19th century the Rialto Bridge was the only connection between the two parts of Venice: designed with three parallel flights of steps, the central one of which has a series of arches occupied by traditional shops.

The Giovanni Raspini Rialto boutique appears as a modern space with the entrance and principal window on the central corridor of the Bridge, whereas the second window gives onto Riva Ferro. The effect of a double corner window confers great luminosity and transparency to the boutique. The plan’s aim was to obtain the best light, in order to create an exclusive and welcoming internal space, with the usual interior design of the brand: a minimalism conferring priority of attention to Giovanni Raspini’s jewels. The upper floor of the boutique is destined to the display of homeware, in silver and Bronzobianco, and is accessible by virtue of a graceful spiral staircase, which has been purposely saved and restored: the interior design is based on white and on the effect of lights which helps to make prominent the wonderful ceiling, whereas a window that opens on the Grand Canal gives breathtaking thrills to the visitor.

The choice of Rialto is connected with the restoration and refurbishment plan that the Municipality of Venice is carrying out on the bridge and all over this quarter of the city. In 2016 close to Rialto a new luxury shopping centre will be opened in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

The store’s inauguration event takes place on Thursday 15th of October: friends and guests, from the Giovanni Raspini store on Rialto Bridge, will cross the mercerie area to join the inaugural party at the Splendid Starhotel.

Venice and Giovanni Raspini: a match of excellence and style for those who love creativity and the everlasting fascination for beauty.

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