Vanitas Mundi in London
Giovanni Raspini's night in London.

In the heart of London, at the Getty Images Gallery of Oxford Circus, Giovanni Raspini displayed the great Vanitas Mundi exhibition, following its success in Milan and Rome. An evening event, that of November 1st, to celebrate the brand together with the English public, one year after the opening of the Giovanni Raspini flagship store in Mayfair.

The iconic images of skulls and dark atmospheres return to that Britain which first, in the eighteenth century, generated the world of signs belonging to the great universe recognized as Vanitas Mundi. Jewels and objects full of symbolic and surreal inspirations, realized as wax sculptures that become silver or bronze. And the "memento mori" becomes a reason to celebrate life, to sing happy and carefree years through the artistic and natural metaphor of death. So the grin of the skull becomes an ironic smile and the shadows become light. A skull reinterpreted in a Pop key, in a Rock key, under the banner of contemporary neo-gothic glamour.

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