Time to love
Valentine 2015, a beauty to fall in love with.

Living, dreaming, loving: on Valentine’s Day everything is possible, all is beauty. This year too Giovanni Raspini offers to love and to lovers a collection of silver jewels, to give and to receive with Joy and passion.

It is in this way that Giovanni Raspini interprets the archetype of the heart, the eternal palpitating symbol of love, in the guise of five wonderful contemporary jewellery. A choice linked to the great craftsmanship tradition of the Tuscan silversmith, a product that highlights the texture of handmade wax models a plain and delicate design for melted metal.

A "Cuoricini" necklace, a bracelet, a band ring, two pairs of earrings that form a veritable "parure of love." A passionate and sensitive world, lit by the moon-shine metal and by the creative power of Giovanni Raspini. Contemporary thrill for a brand of excellence.