New items for the Jewels collection
Summer 2017 is the new collection made of light and silver.

The new Giovanni Raspini Summer 2017 jewels mean brightness and beauty. Two collections, High Line and Hearts, both in rhodium silver, not burnished, realized in order to enhance the whiteness and reducing the chiaroscuro.

High Line stands on the line between the figurative and the abstract. A jewel inspired by the plastic movement of the strings, which intersect and create the internal spaces, enhanced with the inclusion of hydrothermal quartz cabochon square cut in amethyst colour, sapphire and aquamarine. Light, colour and strong movement for a rhodium silver jewel where matter is expressed in very light volumes.

Hearts comes from the idea of a material twine that unites a sequence of hearts of various sizes. A rhodium silver collection that Giovanni Raspini wanted to be unique and with an uneven surface as only the lost wax casting can allow. Bright light for a young jewel.