Summer 2015 by Giovanni Raspini
The waves, the sand, and a handful of sparkling sea stars.

Giovanni Raspini’s long warm Summer comes to life with two new marvellous collections: Marine, in gilt silver, and the new silver chains MonteCarlo.

Marine is pure light, sea and sand to put on bare skin. Giovanni Raspini’s figurative tradition carried onto an entire collection with the starfish as a protagonist. All in gilt silver, embellished in some jewels with highly luminous rings of white ceramic. Two necklaces, a boule pendant, tree bracelets and a bangle, four kinds of earrings and two rings, one flat, and the other domed. It's the Mediterranean Sea in a golden afternoon: the waves, the sand, and a handful of sparkling sea stars. 

The silver chain becomes the protagonist for the MonteCarlo collection. In two variations, the ring as a repetitive creative element, and in the single silver thread which runs over itself creating jewels of a unique highly modern personality: as many as five types of necklaces, four earrings, three bracelets, a bangle and a ring.

A new world for Giovanni Raspini’s Summer, excellence and creativity from the heart of Tuscany.