Giovanni Raspini jewels for Spring Summer 2016
The new collection made of silver and light.

A luminous season and rich in beauty announces the new Spring Summer 2016 collections by Giovanni Raspini. Four important collections: Leopard, Ginkgo, St Tropez and Rings, characterized by a creative contemporary sign, and also by a development of the animalier identity of the Tuscan brand, for a jewel of great emotive impact, and unmatched design value.

Leopard is the collection created for a woman of character who loves Giovanni Raspini’s strong animalier sign. In order to obtain more decisive silver textures, a new technique for working the jewel has enabled to enamel in black the surface engravings. In this way the spots of the leopard show a stark contrast between silver and enamel with a great effect, for a collection which brings together fashion and the distinctive identity of the brand.

The other face of the moon is Ginkgo, the romantic delicate collection of organic nature, born from the collaboration with young French-Polish designer Edith Rostkowski and her brand Edilouchka, and made entirely with cast silver with burnished finish, drawing inspiration from the living fossil tree from China. Ginkgo is characterized by important plastic features, with a pleasing bearing which enhances the shape and volume of the jewel.

The St Tropez collection is instead inspired by the nets of the Cote D’Azur fishermen. The antique charm of the hemp rope, brings life to the lithe silver décor, highly plastic: a simple and traditional beauty. 

Lastly Rings, this seasons' collection which, for the variety of the themes and textures, synthesizes into five jewels Giovanni Raspini’s entire world. The silver rings carry very bright multicolored stones fixed with visible embedment: the griffe itself becoming a décor motif, contributing to the creation of a highly personal jewel.

Silver and light, shape and beauty, or the Giovanni Raspini Spring and Summer 2016 collection. The necessary luxury born in the heart of Tuscany.