The last arrival in the Charms family, for a new system of composition, intuitive and fast.

Giovanni Raspini's Charms: wonderful silver creatures for creating the perfect jewel. This Summer they find new life and the opportunity to show all their luminous fascination. 

Also Roulette belongs to the great family of Charms. With this collection the brand introduces a new system of composition, intuitive and fast, friendly, dedicated to the true lovers of personalized jewellery. You will be, in fact, able to open the new basic bracelet by means of a brisé, enabling the insertion of various charms. In addition, some applicable elements were created (of five different types, two of them enriched by Swarovski crystals), which add volume and preciousness to the bracelet, alternating with the numerous charms of the collection.

Roulette represents a significant innovation of the Giovanni Raspini jewel, not an alternative, but in full harmony with the vast fascinating assortment of his silver charms. A neverending world of creativity and perfection. 

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