New store in Orbetello
With Summer comes a new Giovanni Raspini opening in the Tuscan coast.

The thirteenth Giovanni Raspini store opens in July, in the famous tourist town of southern Tuscany. Between the Maremma and Monte Argentario, between the Feniglia and the Giannella sandstrips, Orbetello emerges from the lagoon as if it were a mirage, suspended in the clear light at any time of day.

The boutique is located in Corso Italia 73, the main shopping street, but also overlooks the picturesque square Eroe dei Due Mondi, the most central place of the city, always animated by people and by a vibrant nightlife. A corner store with three large bright windows, with a minimalist and modern style where the jewels of the Tuscan brand are enhanced by a surprising light / shadow design. By virtue of the touristic character of the town, in the Summer months the store will follow a schedule with evening openings.

Giovanni Raspini and his exclusive boutiques: the necessary luxury born in the heart of Tuscany.

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