Giovanni Raspini author of the Athina Onassis Trophy
An animalier creation for the famous horse racing competition.

Class, elegance and power: the horse. It has been assigned to Giovanni Raspini the task for the realization of the trophy for the horse racing competition Athina Onassis-Longines, in the marvelous locality of Pampelonne Beach, near St Tropez. A meeting that has thrilled the Tuscan designer, proud to be chosen to create his umpteenth animalier work. 

Thus was created the great-turned, hand-thrown cup, decorated with the two Bronzobianco horse heads, the precious metal by the lunar reflections. Giovanni Raspini decided to interpret the classic symbols of the trophy, declining it in a plastic mood, where the artisan goldsmith tradition marries the contemporary project. "The two horse’s heads that I have chosen to adorn the trophy ", says Giovanni Raspini, "are inspired by a mythical and timeless work. I'm talking about the heads carved by Phidias in the fifth century BC for the pediment of the Parthenon in Athens. The impetus, the dynamism of those manes, have fascinated artists for over two thousand years, and still convey to us emotions that deeply touch the hearts of all." 

The famous competition takes place from the 2nd to the 4th of June in Saint Tropez, in a three days of outstanding performances, with the world's best horses and riders competing in the CSI 5* event. Emotion, beauty, passion. Here is the excellence of Giovanni Raspini’s brand, the necessary luxury that comes from the heart of Tuscany.