Tha Nautilus exhibition celebrated in Milan
Opening event in Palazzo Visconti.

On Thursday, March 14th 2019 Palazzo Visconti in Milan hosted the opening event of Nautilus / jewels from the submarine of Captain Nemo, the exhibition-event by Giovanni Raspini that leads the visitor to discover the immense oceanic abysses, unknown and rich in mysterious and immeasurable beauties. Hero of the exhibition, the Nautilus submarine in bronze, and the unique jewels, made with pearls, stones and corals, authentic visionary architecture in silver.

Palazzo Visconti is not only one of the most significant historic houses in Milan, but also a location situated just a stone's throw from the Giovanni Raspini store in Corso Monforte, in San Babila area. The evening event of March 14th saw the participation of an important audience, composed by influencers and bloggers of the fashion system, journalists from the main magazines and fashion TVs, as well as customers and guests from all over Italy. All have admired the jewels and objects created by the Tuscan designer and displayd in the name of the fantastic contemporary in the great halls of the noble floor, transformed in the most glamorous and creative place of the Milanese night.

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