"Marcello & Stefania"
The exhibition of the original photos from the set of the film Divorce Italian Style, in the Rome GR store.

"Barone Cefalù open your eyes! Your wife is cheating on you under the roof of your honoured house! A friend." In the vintage black and white photo we see a fascinating and languid Marcello Mastroianni - with a moustache and very slick - looking smug at the false anonymous letter that he has just sent to himself. He is smitten with a young cousin, Angela (wonderful Stefania Sandrelli), and his goal is to find a pretext to pass as a betrayed husband and thus be able to kill his wife Rosalia: still in the sixties, Italian law did not allow divorce, but allowed honour killing, ie a murder punishable by very lenient laws, as was very widespread in Sicily.

To honour Pietro Germi’s masterpiece and pay homage to Rome, the capital of cinema, Giovanni Raspini decided to promote an exhibition of the original photos from the film Divorce Italian Style in the boutique of via Margutta 2, in the occasion of the 6th birthday of the exclusive store of the brand, situated in the famous street of the artists, two steps away from Federico Fellini’s home. The exhibition will be open from the 20th to the 30th of May.

The photos are part of Giovanni Raspini’s private collection, always fond of the great Italian cinema. They were taken on the set of the film, in 1961, from Divo Cavicchioli, famous photographer of film directors such as Pasolini, Scola, Ferreri, Montaldo, Pontecorvo and naturally Germi. Eclectic and creative, Cavicchioli has documented in thirty years dozens of Italian films, putting his talents at the service of art films. Do not forget that Divorce Italian Style is a film denouncing the legislative backwardness of Italy at the time, and on the subordinate role of woman: behind the tone of comedy and satire lies brave and fierce sarcasm, which helped Germi to win an Academy Award for best Original Screenplay.

“When I discovered the photos in a junk shop,” says Giovanni Raspini, “I was as excited as a child. I have seen several times Divorce Italian Style, and each time I could see the great skill of Germi, Marcello and Stefania, and supporting actors so perfectly chosen. Recreating that Sicily, dazzled with light, the intimacy of family life in the baronial palace, or the chatter of gossip of the Sunday stroll, required an absolutely extraordinary filmic talent. The photos of the film, in black and white with captions, were kept in an old suitcase. I bought them on impulse, and I immediately thought they were so beautiful that they absolutely had to be seen by someone else, indeed, to everyone."