Celebrating David Lynch
During the event organised by Vanity Fair, the famous director receives an award by Giovanni Raspini.

The Chimera by Giovanni Raspini meets with David Lynch. Saturday, November 4th, at the Grand Salon of Villa Medici in Rome, headquarter of the French Academy and a jewel of Renaissance located in one of the most panoramic areas of the city, Vanity Fair has celebrated the great American filmmaker (The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks), well-renowned for having explored in his films the darkest and inner sides of human mind due to an oneiric and visionary style.

Already in Rome for the Film Festival, Lynch has been the main guest of the Vanity Fair Gala Dinner made by the star chef Riccardo Di Giacinto. To the presence of a hundred and thirty very selected guests from the world of cinema, journalism and politics, Lynch got out from the director Daniela Hamaui’s hands an award made in bronzobianco that Giovanni Raspini has created getting inspiration from the Etruscan bronze of the Chimera of Arezzo.

“I thought that the fictional animal with lion, goat and snake heads and maw of fire – tells the Tuscan silversmith and jeweller – symbol of a primordial force and of subconscious, was actually in tune with the character and artistic grounds of Lynch. I personalised it adding decorative elements linked to cinema, music and art and then I created the bronze with the ancient technique of the lost wax casting. The result is under the spot lights – goes on Giovanni Raspini – and I have to say that the filmmaker has shown himself really enthusiast about this award.”