Giovanni Raspini Cine Award 2018
Great Italian director Mario Martone celebrated in Cortona.

A great encounter between the Etruscan city of Cortona and the visionary talent of the Neapolitan film and theatre director and screenwriter Mario Martone. A professional and artistic commitment - that of Martone - that has continuously developed between theatre and cinema in a profitable and mutual exchange, always confronting a magical and utopian yet extraordinarily concrete world. A world linked to the theme of memory and history, and a research that gradually became anthropologic and political, an individual and collective story.

On Sunday 11 November 2018, at the Sant'Agostino hall in Cortona, Mario Martone has received the Giovanni Raspini Cine Award during an evening event dedicated to Italian cinema, attended by journalists and experts, personalities and friends coming from all over Italy. A prize-trophy representing the classic and celebratory theme of the tortoise surmounted by an obelisk: the latter decorated with the many symbols of Martone's artistic and human journey.

In his career, the director was awarded with a Leone D'Oro, four David di Donatello and three Nastro D'Argento. Among the great cinematic and theatrical successes we remember the film Il Giovane Favoloso, inspired by the life of Giacomo Leopardi. This year, on December 20, his latest film, Capri-Revolution will be released, set on the famous island, the one that between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries attracted anyone who felt the sense of utopia and cultivated profound ideals of freedom.

The Giovanni Raspini Cine Award 2018 to Mario Martone, is intended to underline the extraordinary evocative and visionary power of the Neapolitan director’s, whether we are talking about cinema, theatre, or contemporary events. A complex author, with an extraordinary sensitivity, who has always managed to make his art very personal and highly original, uniting like no other the great Neapolitan tradition with a conception of international artistic culture, under the banner of sustainability and integration.