Fall Winter Jewels Collection 2017/18
The beauty of silver meets the light of the stones.

A new season rich in beautiful things and so much creativity, with the new Jewels and Charms collections. 

Milky Way is real flow of glossy silver balls on a burnished background that runs in a bright game of textures and opalescence, the latter made thanks to the use of the stone labradorite and its reflections changing from grey to blue to azure. A particularly impressive effect, which gives the collection a strong and unique character.

Tree of Life is inspired by the movement of the branches of the well-known tree. A classic jewel in burnished silver that tells the symbolic interlacing of branches and leaves, always keeping that lightweight plastic elegance that made Giovanni Raspini a timeless brand.

Village is a unique and important collection, of which the main necklace consists of five strands of hammered silver spheres of various sizes, alternating with transparent, natural stone gables in six colours. By running and twisting one with the other, a young jewel is born, but one of great fascination and formal countenance, which gives unlearned wealth and extraordinary luminosity.

Lightness, volume and light, or Chelsea, the jewel created by interpreting the theme of the chain in a new way. The silver rings have been mounted in various sizes and rotated, resulting in a vaguely vintage look.

Last but not least, the great news in the Charms collection, with the brand new coloured stone inserts. Natural stones that have the characteristic of showing inclusions and thus being translucent. Spheres of jasper, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, cornelian, etc., alternating with as many charms in burnished silver with subjects related to the vegetable world (leaves and fruits). The result is a really beautiful jewel in its studied simplicity, balanced and elegant, precious and young.

Giovanni Raspini and the Fall Winter Collections 2017-18: a world of ever-expanding beauty, for a brand that is born from the heart of Tuscany.