Fall Winter Jewels collection 2016/17
Giovanni Raspini presents the new season's jewels.

Creativity, innovation, warmth. Here are this new seasons's collections.

The Bamboo theme is a classic of women's jewellery, but also one of the flagships of the brand. Here the bamboo elements assume the form of a new gem with a very intense chiaroscuro, where the plastic appearance and burnishing confer a unique identity for a woman who loves an important object endowed with great personality

The Twines collection recalls the elegance of silver thread woven and welded by hand. A great luminosity, reflected by bulky but extremely light elements. A creation on the border between figurative and abstract, with irregular shapes that suggest a world of sensitivity, emotion, almost organic.

And finally the brand new Man line, dedicated to those who love the beauty of simplicity and the strength of matter. Silver comes along with black leather, a very flexible natural element and wearable on all occasions, in a quest for the essential that the man of today aims for, making him elegant without adding anything more. Functionality is immediate, thanks to the double round leather that easily closes with a magnet. And again more other bracelets and rings all in silver: the classic qualities of Giovanni Raspini but declined in extremely simple, linear shapes.

Giovanni Raspini’s silver creations: beauty that excites, the necessary luxury that comes from the heart of Tuscany.