Crocodile Rock Party
The event celebrates the inauguration of Arezzo headquarters.

Giovanni Raspini and Crocodile Rock Party, the magical encounter between the brand of silver and the great evening event organized on Saturday, 13 May at the new headquarters of the company in Pieve al Toppo, near Arezzo, Tuscany. An event that combined the renovation and expansion of business spaces with the will to tell the long-standing history of the Giovanni Raspini brand, in a moment of confrontation and meeting with the press, customers, institutions and the entire corporate community.

A number of exhibitions and events were proposed during the evening - from the preview of the new collections to the private museum of Giovanni Raspini - almost as a metaphor of the creative versatility of the designer and founder Giovanni Raspini. A day dedicated to the company as a whole, as an expression of a human, professional and entrepreneurial potential that has always enabled it to grow and consolidate in terms of turnover and image.

The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of an enormous bronzobianco sculpture representing Giovanni Raspini's "animalier symbol": a five and a half meters long crocodile made by Tuscan artist Lucio Minigrilli, which stands over the entrance door of the new company premises in Pieve al Toppo.