"Build your jewel" Tool
Create online your Giovanni Raspini charms bracelet!

A Giovanni Raspini charm for every moment of our lives, a "narrative jewel" to always bring with you. For those who love the entertaining precious world created by the Tuscan brand, there is now a new opportunity. Giovanni Raspini introduces a new online tool that allows everyone to virtually make their own customized bracelet, with one’s own favourite charms, and then buy it directly from the website, or save it for an in store purchase, or even social share it. 

It is all very simple and intuitive, conceived for those who want to invent their own unique bracelet. There are two choices of bracelet base: fixed charms bracelet, or movable charms bracelet (where charms are threaded together with numerous beads that create volume), each available in three sizes. Fun and creativity: you will be able to choose from nearly 400 different charms, divided into 14 themes, ranging between the animal universe, fairy tales, baby, coins, sports, fashion and many other worlds. Just drag the charm on the bracelet and continue, there are endless combinations! 

From your own smartphone or computer, sharing creativity and beauty, Giovanni Raspini charms configurator is a fun and instant way to tell your every day stories, dreams, and passions. A fresh, young, handmade jewel, to donate or to indulge. And those who seek thrills will find it.

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