Celebrating Martin Scorsese
The great director receives an award from Giovanni Raspini, during Vanity Fair’s event in his honour.

Martin Scorsese, the French Academy and Giovanni Raspini. This is the alchemy that gave life to the Gala Dinner organised by Vanity Fair to celebrate the great Italian-American director, in Rome guest of the Film Fest. A special evening that was held on Monday 22nd October in the Villa Medici party hall, home to the Academy, one of the most fascinating and significant locations in the Eternal City.

To pay homage to the great director, Giovanni Raspini has thought of the classic theme of the old and strong man - a muscular Atlas - bearing on his shoulders a celebratory obelisk adorned with professional and human symbols and metaphors. Many the symbols of his being Italian-American, the family and tradition of Little Italy, the cinematographic film rising from the skyscrapers. Among the symbols, of course, there are those who represent the great films of his fifty-years career. An obelisk full of glories and unforgettable memories, with a plaque bearing the phrase: "I am Martin Scorsese. Un bravo ragazzo (A goodfella)"

Martin Scorsese is not only one of the most important directors in the history of cinema. We also recall his commitment to enhance the great Italian cinema, from our Neorealism to the Italian Comedy. As a director, from the seventies on, he discovered some of the most important international actors, always tackling topical issues and winning, among the many awards, an Oscar.

Sharing passions, artistic commitment and creativity. The award made by Giovanni Raspini for Martin Scorsese means just that.