2019 ADV campaign
An advertising of great elegance for spring summer 2019

A beautiful, charming and enigmatic woman. An industrial and minimalist context. At the center of the scene the Spring Summer Giovanni Raspini jewels. These are the elements chosen for the new 2019 advertising campaign.

The collaboration between Giovanni Raspini and the photographer Marco Cella, already director of the brand's first TV commercial, continues. Cella has directed many advertising campaigns for the most famous fashion companies, as well as several works published in the major magazines of the sector. The protagonist of the campaign is the Belgian model Lisa Verberght, who transmits a mysterious and profound intimacy: so essential, harmonious.

A Key for the interpratation of the 2019 advertising is the comeback to the essential, to the iconic truth of the brand. All the elements involved (photography, styling, hair and make-up), despite their great personality, contribute to create an essential style that enhances the authentic Giovanni Raspini concept.