2018 ADV campaign
Iconic advertising for Spring Summer 2018.

The fascinating, iconic and genuinely contemporary advertising image promotes a strong brand identity, provokes passion and emotions, and breaks conventional methods. This was the aim pursued and achieved by the brand, in collaboration again with photographer Lucia Giacani, who created the mood that characterised the 2018 Giovanni Raspini campaign.

A timeless backdrop with a continuous, surreal flow of paintings that are an expression of shapes and colours and, in the foreground, is a series of portraits of a beautiful and enigmatic woman, as if the camera had stopped for an eternal moment the flow of time. A mix of art, fashion, modernity and the character of an amazing female figure that interprets these values, through the force of her gaze and the elegance of her poses. She is the Russian supermodel Yana Dobroliubova.

Art as a link between past, present and future through the creative id that shakes the world to recognise beauty. The new Giovanni Raspini collection is presented like an art gallery: jewellery pieces, which are art forms in themselves. Creativity, knowledge, culture, wisdom and mastery are the values ​​that bring to life magical objects, which speak with strength and elegance to the woman of our time: a contemporary, determined woman with great charm and a unique style. A female work of art: beautiful yet real, strong and romantic, unique in her straightforward elegance.

The style is of simple geometric shapes, clean volumes, and unusual materials that envelop the body in light fabrics such as satin with leather details. The common theme running through the collection are the headpieces that shape the appearance and strengthen the gaze, adding unpredictable elements of style.

This is the campaign for 2018. A promise of beauty born from the creativity of Giovanni Raspini, a great Tuscan and Italian brand with tradition and elegance.

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