New Fall Winter 2014/15 Collection
New jewels which recall the origin of our brand. Stories of beauty and excellence.

This is what are the jewels created for Fall/Winter 2014-15 by Giovanni Raspini: Savana, Iris, Golden Rainbow, Star System and Facciamo le Corna. Five contemporary collections characterized by a high stylistic standard, a unique, unparalleled style. 

Savannah is the animalier collection which recalls the origins of our brand. A powerful identity, expressing Giovanni Raspini’s enormous captivating plastic and design power. Crocodile, lion, leopard, chameleon: the iconic animals in burnished silver, which wind around the wrist or the finger to envelope the skin in a bright embrace. True sculptures to wear, which will never be out of fashion.

Iris is the hidden face of the moon, the most feminine and intimate side of the Fall/Winter Collection. It expresses a timeless tenderness, Iris is characterized by a flower of burnished silver with a doublet stone cabochon at the centre. A perfect balance of colour between the metal and the cabochons with pearl reflections in light blue and champagne colour. 

A surprising plastic quality characterizes the Golden Rainbow collection.Jewels in gilt silver and micro-cabochons of highly coloured natural stones. A highly textured matter realized during the preparation of casting waxes: here is the contemporary project which joins with the traditional craftsmanship art.

Star System reiterates the theme of textured silver, within a concept of extreme stylistic synthesis. Stars: a fascinating connection between the Earth and cosmic space, here are the protagonists. 

And, finally, a highly symbolic amusing collection: Good Luck Horns. Charms, micro-charms and pendants in burnished silver which represent the traditional good luck horn, in every type and dimension. 

These are the five new collections of the Tuscan brand for Fall/Winter 2014-15. Silver and silver gilt jewellery that warm the heart, or the necessary luxury of Giovanni Raspini.