New 2015 Spring Summer collection
Giovanni Raspini's seasons of beauty.

Zebra, Garden, Reef, Croco and Daisies: the new Giovanni Raspini’s Spring-Summer 2015 jewel collections. Seasons of beauty and creativity, the hallmark of the Tuscan silversmith.

Zebra represents Giovanni Raspini’s animalier collection. Powerful jewels with textures that recall a zebra skin, for a woman with a strong personality. 

The naturalistic appeal of Garden becomes abstract in the extraordinary plastic quality of this jewellery. Blades of grass modeled in wax and then cast in quicksilver come to life as contemporary elements. Elegant, light creations, relaxing around the neck, the arm and fingers.

With Reef, Giovanni Raspini returns onto his dearest themes: coral and starfish. A silver collection overtly for Summer, beautified by iridescent colours of the sea. Natural stones in two shades of bluey-green and turquoise coral branches. 

Croco combines classicism and animalier style. The collection is characterized by a very particular chain and crocodile textured end caps. 

Numberless Daisies, the evergreen of the Tuscan brand. Jewels in which a flower of a simple beauty is being multiplied in a kind of bouquet, like a field of flowers, a delicate pattern of burnished daisies. 

Living and wearing beauty or the silver creations by Giovanni Raspini. Five new collections dedicated to Spring-Summer 2015, or to the necessary luxury from the heart of Tuscany.