Vanitas Mundi in Rome
Giovanni Raspini's great exhibition in the eternal city.

Jewels, objects, furnishings: these and many other suggestions gave life to the exhibition that Giovanni Raspini inaugurated on Wednesday 16th of May 2018 in Rome, the second stage after the great Milan debut of last November at Palazzo Visconti. To be crossed by the wonder of existence, or Vanitas Mundi (A macabre dance between irony, glamor, gothic and kitsch), in Rome, the eternal city, in the fascinating context between sacred and profane of the converted church inside the Art Hotel, close to Giovanni Raspini's stores in Via del Babuino and Via Margutta.

For the Tuscan silversmith the "memento mori" becomes a reason to celebrate life, to sing the happy and carefree years through the artistic and natural metaphor of death. So the sneer of the skull becomes an ironic smile and the shadows become light. A skull reinterpreted in a Pop key, in a Rock key, under the banner of contemporary neo-gothic glamor.

The Vanitas Mundi exhibition, staged with a scene full of dark atmospheres, opened to the public until May 20th and was accompanied by the catalog of the same name, enriched by the introductory text by the critic Philippe Daverio.

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Vanitas Mundi (A macabre dance between irony, glamour, gothic and kitsch)
Opening ceremony 16 May; Exhibition 17- 20 May 2018 - free entry
Hotel Art, Via Margutta 56 - Rome