Costantino Bulgari's archive on show in Arezzo
Forty years of research and unpublished studies in italian gold and silver working are now cataloged and digitalized to be viewed online.

Thanks to the reunification of the archive by Giovanni Raspini and Anna Bulgari, forty years of research and unpublished studies on Italian gold and silver working are now cataloged and digitized to be viewed online. On the occasion of this event, an exhibition will be on display at the event Gold in Italy Arezzo (26-28 October), a selection of materials in the archive of the jeweler Costantino Bulgari, son of the Greek master silversmith Sotiris Voulgaris, founder of BVLGARI.

Giovanni  Raspini and Costantino’s daughter, Anna Bulgari Calissoni, have donated Costantino Bulgari’s Archive to the University of Siena, Department of Arezzo. Giovanni  Raspini and the University of Siena have also promoted the publication of the catalogue: The archive of Costantino Bulgari  published by Federighi Publishers and edited by the Laboratory of Goldsmith’s History and Technology, University of Siena, Lab.Or, Department of Arezzo

Thanks to the priceless work of Lab.Or, directed by Prof. Paolo Torriti, the archive is now available online at for the pleasure of scholars and enthusiasts of the subject matter. It consists of a hundred files and filing cabinets containing documents, drawings, photographs of stamps and artifacts divided by types and descriptions of the same, reports of investigations, on Italian silver and silversmiths, organized by regions and cities, it includes around a dozen drawings by Giovanni Valli, historical designer of the BVLGARI jewellery, along with coffee pots, candlesticks, trays, cutlery, all in silver, cited and cataloged both in the archive and belonging private collections.