Colonial Beverages
Giovanni Raspini as a sponsor of the exhibition on Silver and Drawing Rooms of the 18th Century in Italy.

After the great success of the exhibition Gold Through the Centuries, which closed last November in Arezzo boasting over 40.000 visitors, here is the occasion for one more exciting journey through beauty and good taste. This event of international calibre sponsored by Giovanni Raspini and organized in collaboration with the Regional Directorate for Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Tuscany and the University of Siena, is a true drawing room of luxury: the exhibition Le Bevande Coloniali - Argenti e Salotti del Settecento Italiano - Tè, Caffè, Cioccolato (Colonial Beverages – Silver and Drawing Rooms of the 18th Century in Italy – Tea, Coffee, Chocolate) opens on March 28 in the impressive premises beneath the Basilica church of San Francesco in Arezzo, the same church where the precious frescoes by Piero della Francesca are also found.

The exhibition, conceived in connection with the year’s event: EXPO 2015, presents a refined and unique collection of Italian 18th century silver, coming from the most important collections, including the Giovanni Raspini’s personal collection. Coffee pots, teapots, chocolate and sugar bowls, trays, from aristocratic families, are displayed within a fascinating context. More, highly prestigious paintings come to Arezzo from foundations and museums of unquestionable value such the Uffizi, along with prints, books, posters, show how in respectable Italian drawing rooms and in those of European courts, the ceremonial ritual of coffee, tea and chocolate, was a phenomenon of costume of paramount importance, such as the art of serving such beverages. The visitor may also admire an endearing tableau vivant, or a sumptuous dining table set up for the occasion, with a period tea set. And finally a sensuous experience through perfumes, fragrances and aromas issued by such colonial beverages leads the visitor to sublime act of tasting, served by personnel in 18th century costume.

“We are very attached to our territory, a continual source of inspiration for new projects - says Giovanni Raspini - and we don’t want to lose the good habit to enhance it with events of excellence and great international importance such as this. The happy idea of linking this exhibition with EXPO of Milan inevitably induces us to a dialogue with the world, and wants to celebrate two important moments for us: socializing and the art of hospitality, just like when we offer a coffee to a friend or invite him at the table, perhaps with the most important pieces of our silverware. We are so happy to contribute to this path to beauty which, we are sure, it will be a great success”.

Silver and Drawing Rooms of the 18th Century in Italy – Tea, Coffee, Ciocolate
Basilica di San Francesco (Arezzo)
Exhibition open till 31st October 2015
Monday to Friday 9am/7pm - Saturday 9am/6.30pm - Sunday 1pm/6.30pm
Information or booking: +39 0575 299071