2014 Advertising Campaign
The new brand image for the 2014 champaign.

It is a young and colorful world that Giovanni Raspini presented in the 2014 campaign. The photographs were by Leonardo Beglieri, the author of important shootings for the jewels of the Tuscan brand, whose star is supermodel Lucia Spodniakova, wearing clothes by fashion designer Georges Hobeika, one of the most prominent representatives of the nouvelle vague of the Middle East.

Elegant jewellery for a woman of great character, played by the fresh and dynamic beauty of the model of Czech origin. The excellence of the plastic values of Giovanni Raspini and his creativity, for a woman who looks straight at the future. 

Pacific Palisade, is the guideline of the new advertising campaign, Silver Ribbon, Chains of Fool, in silver, Black Magic, silver-gilt, are the collections chosen for spring summer 2014. Two ways of defining beauty - silver and silver-gilt - but one sole style, strong and unmatched, that testifies to the contemporary design of Giovanni Raspini’s brand.