La Gazette

And they call it Summer, just like the name of our new collection. We would have liked to just talk about beauty, silver and fashion. But what bloomed most loudly and resoundingly this spring was the Coronavirus. In this issue we talk about the world of Charms, which has seen a deep restyling in its image, and the jewellery for this season’s catalogue. But we've always loved working on fabulous and extravagant jewellery, like the Spaghetti with Seafood Necklace we're going to tell you about in these pages. Follow us in this Gazette, where we also engage in a dialogue with a friend of exceptional value: Franco Cardini.
When we visited the Bargino winery in the Chianti Classico of the Marchesi Antinori a year ago, we experienced that rare thrill felt in contemplation of the few but truly authentic masterpieces of contemporary architecture. Great work, beyond wine. We immediately thought of them for our Food&Wine Award. We created a sculpture depicting the Marquis as an old owl that protects and watches over the family coat of arms and the three daughters: a lioness, a panther and an eagle. We are also showing you the brand new jewels from the latest collection, and tell you about our latest retail projects.
In this Gazette, which is coming out 20 years after its debut, we have increased the number of pages. We have too many things to say and tell. We could start with Nautilus, an exhibition of treasures from the abysses. Or we could talk about Milano Mood Portrait, an award, an exhibition and a highly anticipated book. And much more. It's all true. But our hearts and minds drive us to talk about a character for whom we have had the pleasure and honour of working: Martin Scorsese. We keep in our hearts his words of appreciation to us and our staff. All Goodfellas.
Even if we build jewels with irreverence and lightness, our first world remains the objects, the modelled plastic that becomes sculpture, the world of the table and the home. We want to remember this with the Food&Wine Award, assigned to Antonino Cannavacciuolo, who has repaid us with a sumptuous, sparkling and magical evening. Between these pages, a preview on a project shared with a natural talent, Giancarlo Fulgenzi, the legendary creative of the 60s. We’re also showing you the jewels for the new season, and we give you account of our latest prestigious openings, in two different cities but similar in charm: Verona and Forte dei Marmi.
The magic of the cinema. The astonishment, the wonder, the charm. We too fell in love for it, and expressed it with the silver Chimera dedicated to the great American director David Linch, protagonist of the event in his honour organised in Rome by Vanity Fair. We'll talk about the Vanitas Mundi exhibition, set in Milan in the building that was Luchino Visconti’s home and that saw the participation of guests and friends beyond all joyful predictions. A beautiful interview with one of our admirers, Philippe Daverio and so much more, from the beautiful photos of the new campaign to the new jewels for Spring Summer 2018.
Ladies and Gentlemen, here's a Gazette that smells like the roses of England, pub beers, Rolling Stones, Ascot's pure blood and five o’clock teas. We landed in London, in the heart of Mayfair. The sign of our new store in South Molton Street carries a 80-centimeter bronze crocodile that dials with the handle (thirty) and they both yearn for the one of our headquarters (six meters). We’ll tell you about new jewels, dished out between the smoke and the flames of our forge, together with the memoir of the party that saw the inauguration of our new headquarters.
Beloved by the Etruscans, respected by the Romans, pearl of the Renaissance and today, cherished home to artists, writers and connoisseurs from everywhere. Cortona is today home to a new Giovanni Raspini store, and brings us the responsibility to deal with our Etruscans colleagues, who inside the cyclopean walls created wonderful jewels, result of insurmountable techniques and rich in sublime poetry. We give you account in these pages along with the story of our last news and a new campaign, full of atmosphere, oozing determination, charm and glam.
Ivan Theimer is regarded as one of the greatest sculptors alive. Giving an exhibition of his works to our city was a dream that we have cherished for years. Today it is a reality that you can read about in these pages. We have many other things to say. We like to remember the big trophy that we made for the Athina Onassis horse contest, and the new openings of our stores. And... last but not least, how not to talk about what gives the title to this Gazette? Our way of tattooing in silver that universe of signs and dreams that crowds our hearts. A jewel that allows to tell, evoke, remember, express and secure our words in the moon metal.
Napoleon’s first residence in Milan was Palazzo Serbelloni, and if it is true that places have a soul, when we set up the exhibition "WILD" inside those rooms, so dense with stucco and memories, some of us have felt vibrate "the shadow of such spirit." Of this exhibition we’ll give account in these pages. And you will find confirmation, if ever a proof were needed, that the animalier embrace is what makes us fly higher. We speak to you of our friend Carlo Amadori, a natural talent. A great painter, and much more. We cannot forget our last opening in Rome, in Via del Babuino, and other events that we shall tell you in this Gazette No. 40. Enjoy your reading.
The smell of mildew in the streets in September overshadows the liquid and shifty light sliding away at sunset on a rainy day. Venice rejects adjectives and definitions. A beauty that stuns and leaves you bewildered, places where you need to get lost, to get carried away by dreams and forget. Venice is ours. We feel like new university students who come to college and undo their suitcases. We climb a rusty spiral staircase. Above is a sort of attic, but large enough, and a window: “Goodness! This is a Canaletto’s!” The Grand Canal lies just below us, the palaces, the steamers, gondolas, sprinkles of water: a ten century frenzy. Nothing else matters.
"You, must have confidence in beauty. Beauty is your and our strength." These are the words that philosopher Zygmunt Bauman said to us, when we gave him a Chimera made as a gift in occasion of his visit in our city. Imagine if we disagree. That Chimera was realised in three days: sometimes, in a few hours, we are capable of great things. This means that we are all around craftsmen, or a dynamic business? Who knows… Today we are opening a boutique in Monte Carlo and we are happy, another is about to come in a city of a unique appeal. Our business grows. But our heads and our craftsmen’s hands we want to preserve. Forever.
When we, as Tuscans, visit a place highly celebrated for its beauty we are nor suspicious, we are aware of what we have at home and that's it. As to Capri, it is different. In the end we have to give up. Capri captivates us and we abandon ourselves. In our modest way, we offer her our craftsman's hands. In this Gazette you will not only find jewellery dedicated to Capri. We have worked for Zygmunt Bauman and we celebrate the opening of our new store in Florence. In short, the turnover of ideas is healthy. We are warm and positive on new projects and our jewellery is pawing.
The reasons abound, but the basic concept is clear and plain: the precoiusness of contemporary jewellery no longer rests in the intrinsic value of the material used and the noble stones, but int he idea, in the character, in the designer's identity or in the brand. Some speak of a new democracy of the jewel, someone else of elements that could further confuse the market and the final consumer. Precoius, non-precoius, fashionable, or perhaps simply narrative. Contemporary jewellery tells us something about ourselves, our lives, our needs and dreams. 
One can look at Naples from an infinite series of points of view. Naples is much more and much beyond. A symphony of sounds. Tears and hopes in the Chapel of San Gennaro or at Carmine. Desire to fly at the Certosa or in Posillipo. Naples of coffee. The fish and vegetables of Pignasecca. The hand-sewn shirts and weekends in Amalfi. Fear of the volcano and of rogues. Above the noises, odors fears and hopes, a king rules with his bride. Colour and light.
Fantastìk is a word that doesn’t exist. Invented. Invented but which everybody understands. Fantastìk evokes the imagination, discovery, the unreal, an escape from dejavue. Fantasy, ghost, phenomenon, light, diaphanous, epiphany and window all have a Greek mother.
In my university times I made ends meet by dealing in antiques. I often purchased at the pawn shop of Florence, inside there were two great signs read: “VALUABLES” and “VARIOUS”. In short, you are either valuable or you are various. Today we are still there. We seek credibility by offering you valuable objects made of bronzobianco. Not made of silver. Objects which are precious on account of the way they are made, not for what they are made of. Follow us along an alleyway “south of the Arno”. In the den of Romanelli the sculptor. We have set the première of bronzobianco in an evocative place loaded with memories e fascination. We have returned home. In the Forence of craftsmen, sweating, strong, ironic and irascible. Here bronzobianco is at home. Florence is the fil rouge of this issue of our journal. Have a good read.
Dear friends, today we ‘re playing at home. We have to speak of Tuscany but don’t wish to be like some parents who overpraise their offspring for the good marks they get at school or for how they obey and behave well and so on and on. Here in this forsaken fringe of southern Tuscany, between Arezzo and Siena, the only advantage is that as soon as we go for a ride on bike (Claudio), or on vespa (Giovanni), we take only 30 seconds to find ourself in the midst the most beautiful countryside you can ever imagine. Stop. The rest is boredom, contrast, conflict. We are all set against each other and often against ourselves too. Let us not drag it out come to think that the first trait attributed to us Tuscans is measure, as they say. We do measure words and with meaured words present you this magazine.
Some time ago we found a pack of photos among the clutter of an antique dealer. These were more beautiful than an antique painting or a fine period sculpture. So, we decided to show these to you for your own enjoyment, in our store in Corso Garibaldi, Milan, until the end of May 2011. They illustrate a raw, sweaty, 1960s’ Milan. They are the stage set photos of the original scenes of Visconti’s masterpiece “Rocco and His Brothers”, and... seeing is believing. Just as it is hard to buy, it is equally hard to offer something not trivial. We put ourselves to the test every day, applying self criticism and relentlessly seeking excellence. Today we bring to your attention the “Jungle” line of jewels. The world in which we all operate today is enough of an obstacle race if not a jungle. Carrying leopards and iguanas around the neck may seem excessive, but what about the string of pearls?... Do me a favour!
We have reached N° 30 of our Gazette. Ten years have passed since the two simple pages which we used to send to our clients. Well. Today we print twenty thousand copies of our magazine and we send it around the world to 15 different countries. In theory we should speak of our company, of our products, of our new usually successful initiatives. Ok, This is fine. Our work goes well, our products are superb and our initiatives successful as usual. Nowadays, however, we wish to speak of two fiends for whom we feel esteem, affection and gratitude: Anna Bulgari Calissoni and sculptor Ivan Theimer.
Our table: we intended to make a colossal Champagne bucket. A double bucket. For two great bottles of “Vedova Clicò” or similar. Well. What kind of handles shall we make? Crocodiles? Lions? Leopards, lobsters, flowers, fruits, vegetables. We lack nothing and when something is lacking we may cook it express. Let us think of something truly never seen, or even heard or dreamt before. Let’s cut it short. The handles of such sumptuous, imposing, Champaigneouse, big bucket, will be two toads. With frothy mouths and big bored eyes. Enough of fruits and flowers triumphs. We would like to change toads into princes, but without kissing them. Only by shaping them in silver.
“Giovanni, during over the fifty years of career this is the most beautiful award I have ever received”. They contact us for making a silver trophy , which in the past was awarded to artists such the likes of Zubin Mehta and Riccardo Muti. “Who will you give it to?”. To Mogol”. Enough. There is nothing else to say. A couple of days to reflect on how I would envisage Mogol in silver and then, after some rough sketches, the ball was in Claudio’s court who, in no time at all, made the Rhinoceros which you see on the cover. Crocodiles, panthers, rhinoceros or serpents: animaliers are always our battle-horses.
The subject is her: the fork! We touch her, we use her every day and then we never see her again. We shove it in our mouth. We grant her the outmost intimacy but we give her so little consideration. Here we tell you about her in a brief historical outline, written, obviously, by a chef. We also tell of other things. We bring to life with splendid vintage photos a bell foundry of our region. We show you a masterpiece of medieval goldsmith art, for which we finance the restoration.