The new jewellery from the Drops collection
Drops of beauty spark a luminous encounter between natural pearls and silver.

Due to be released in November 2020, Drops is a collection created with the spirit of contemporaneity and excellence. The jewels evoke one of the brand's best-selling motifs; naturalistic inspiration that breathes life into a range which combines the freshness of silver with Giovanni Raspini's tradition. 
Drops is a combination of two complementary and fascinating luminosities; natural freshwater pearls and burnished silver. The delicate lost-wax casting process embellishes and encapsulates the pearls.

The collection unfurls through the classic decorations by the Tuscan brand, including Butterflies, Daisies, Bows and Perlage, while also introducing a new theme, Bees. The Bees are directly inspired by the fabulous Jewels from a Wunderkammer exhibition, inaugurated on 5 November, creating a very interesting leitmotif.

The new Drops collection by Giovanni Raspini: contemporary excellence from the heart of Tuscany.