Neckplace, the beauty of Giovanni Raspini to wear, in limited edition
The last challenge of Giovanni Raspini is called Neckplace.

After the success of Superbangles and their tours in Italy and abroad, the jewel of the Tuscan brand offers an amazing collection of necklaces in a limited edition.

Neckplace The collection was presented exclusively at the boutique Giovanni Raspini of Milan in Corso Monforte, 7 corner San Babila, Thursday 17th October. A day open to the press and to the world of fashion, right in the heart of the city of fashion.

Giovanni Raspini knows that there's no more coveted jewel in a necklace. It frames and protects the face, brightens the eyes and makes it valuable feminine charm. Neckplace is the jewel that tells stories out of the ordinary , a world of strength and creativity in the classic moony silver, or in golden warm hues.

The necklaces Neckplace you can order at the single‐brand and the retail outlets Giovanni Raspini, for a limited period of twelve months. In short, the uniqueness is reproducible, but only for a year.

Serpente, Aquarius, Farfalle, Savana, Essenze, Margherite, Starfish, Punte, Orchidea, Tricolor, Maglia Marina, Cuori, Flor: Neckplace surrounds and envelops the woman's neck with the lightness and elegance own of Giovanni Raspini. Jewels from the sign strong and inimitable, a collection that warms the heart and gives the deep emotion of that coming close to perfection. Awesomeness to wear on bare skin, listening to the infinite motion of the ocean or the hot wind of the savannah. Only freedom and beauty.