Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy aims to inform Users of this Website about the collection, processing and storage of their personal data by the data controller in relation to the management of the Website.

All Users are requested to read the Privacy Policy carefully. If they do not agree with its content, Users should promptly stop browsing the Website. Please note that persons under the age of 14 cannot give valid consent to the processing of personal data without the authorisation of their parents or legal guardians.

The Data Controller is Argenterie Giovanni Raspini S.p.A. All the subjects authorised by the Data Controller may have access to Users’ data pursuant to Article 2-quaterdecies of the Privacy Code, including external Data Processors duly appointed in compliance with Article 28 Reg. (EU) 2016/679. In choosing its partners, Argenterie Giovanni Raspini S.p.A. has ensured the adoption of all necessary data processing security measures.

For any problems concerning the processing of data and/or their violation and, in general, to exercise their rights, Users can contact the Data Controller at the email address


Personal data collected

User browsing on the Website gives rise to the collection and processing of certain categories of Personal Data of the Users themselves and/or other interested parties by means of cookies. For further relevant information, Users can read the Cookie Policy available clicking here.

Furthermore, Users may be expressly requested to provide personal data when they activate the procedure to register on the Website or execute a purchase order for products. In such circumstances, this Personal Data is necessary or useful for the fulfilment of contractual obligations or to provide services to the User.

In other cases, Users may be asked for Personal Data in order to send various types of notices: for example, to subscribe to newsletters, to take part in prize competitions or to send commercial offers (on their own or by third parties), to manage loyalty programmes and/or for statistical purposes related to the tracking of purchasing behaviour. In such cases, the Users' expected, specific and univocal consent is an essential condition for the collection and processing of their Personal Data.

In all other cases, it will be indicated whether the provision of Personal Data by the User is mandatory or optional on a case by case basis.

Failure on the part of the User to consent to the processing of personal data for purposes external to the functioning of the Website and/or the conclusion of orders on it will not generate any significant consequences.


Retention of Personal Data

Personal Data is stored and processed in a manner and for a duration that is proportional and congruous with respect to the purposes for which the Data is collected and subsequently processed. Personal data is used only where necessary with respect to the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed.

In particular, personal data is kept for a sufficient period of time to provide the services requested by users, as well as to fulfil legal or tax obligations or to comply with other legal provisions.

Various factors are considered to determine the appropriate time frame for the retention of Personal Data, especially to ensure that Personal Data is not retained for longer than necessary or appropriate. These factors also include the purposes for which the Website processes Personal Data and the type of relationship established with the User.

The Data Controller shall, in a timely manner, delete or make anonymous the Personal Data for which processing or storage is no longer legitimate according to the applicable legislation.


Disclosure of Personal Data

The Data Controller discloses part of the Personal Data to subjects, including third parties, involved in the execution of purchase orders for products on the Website, both during and after the sale process. In this circumstance, the disclosure of personal data to suppliers is necessary to fulfil contractual obligations resulting from the conclusion of purchase orders on the Website by Users.

Apart from the aforementioned cases, the personal data will in no case be disclosed or transferred to third parties.

This is without prejudice to the disclosure or dissemination of Personal Data when requested by a judicial authority, by other public entities for the purposes of the defence or security of the State, or for the prevention, detection or repression of administrative or criminal offences and, in any case, in cases in which the disclosure or dissemination of Personal Data is required by law.

Users may, at any time, revoke their consent to the processing of their data, limit this processing, request its delivery in a format compliant with its submission to another Data Controller. Users may also file a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority.

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