New store in Cortona
Right in the heart of the beautiful Etruscan city.

The fourteenth Giovanni Raspini store opens this Spring in Cortona, an ancient Etruscan lucumonia, now international tourism destination, built in a dominant and spectacular position in the Tuscan Valdichiana, right on the border with Umbria.

The boutique is situated right in the main street of the Tuscan city, Via Nazionale, where the street opens in the spectacular Piazza della Repubblica. The design of the store has chosen to respect the environment and the strong identity of the place. So here is the window protected overnight by the traditional wooden doors, and even the old ceiling, still in wood, carefully restored and integrated with the interior’s colour tones.

Many are the American tourists and those from all over the world that visit the beautiful Tuscan city, situated between Arezzo and Perugia. An ancient love, that from March to October transforms the ancient town centre into an optimum location for the upper-end tourism, making Cortona desirable for anyone who loves life, beauty and culture. 

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