The allure of fire and the strength of silver

In a world of mass-produced products, true luxury lies in uniqueness, which only craftsmanship can create. Our jewellery and homewares are handmade, crafted one by one with the utmost care and attention.

The designs have evolved to meet ever-changing tastes and expectations, while manufacturing techniques remain the same as in the past, handed down through time and history. The immense passion shared by our craftsmen has made it possible to safeguard and uphold the cultural heritage of goldsmithing that lies at the very heart of the brand.

"Making a piece of jewellery is like creating a beautiful miniature sculpture, harmonious and flawless in every way."

Giovanni Raspini

At the heart of it all is the creative idea. A drawing is created, a sketch that the skilful hands of craftsmen transform with the help of fire into tiny sculptures made of wax. This process results in a unique model that is then used in the subsequent production stages.

How do Giovanni Raspini creations come to life?

When working with lost-wax casting, the wax model becomes the core of a plaster mould which, once solidified, is emptied of wax ("lost") and filled with molten silver. This technique, originating from the Etruscan tradition and mastered by Giovanni Raspini, brings silver to life and transforms it into jewellery. Countless stages then follow, such as cleaning, assembly, burnishing, brushing and quality control, all of which are carried out by hand. This is how Giovanni Raspini style is born, day by day.

Our creations arise from fire and human creativity. Every day we create unique products that draw on the ancient goldsmith tradition to satisfy the dreams of tomorrow.

Enter the Giovanni Raspini World

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