Summer 2024 Collection

Summer 2024: jewellery with a light of its own


| 15 May 2024

The Giovanni Raspini summer 2024 jewellery collection exudes light and creative freshness. Each piece reflects the brand's contemporary spirit, skilfully combining silver, gilded silver, the brightest stones and natural pearls. High-quality creations for all who seek iconic jewellery to brighten the summer season.

The luminous reflections of the Mini Shine collection are created by the exclusively hand-set zircons, which sparkle in contrast to the deep chiaroscuro base.


The use of gilded silver combined with freshwater baroque pearls breathes fresh life into the Riviera collection – bright, desirable jewels evoke summer and spirit us away into a world of travel and discovery.

The Riviera collection showcases the distinctive stylistic harmony between freshwater baroque pearls and gilded silver details. A splendid collection, bursting with light and rich in precious materials, for an unforgettable summer.

Marine Links

The Marine Links range stands out for its slender volumes and simple, radiant beauty. An iconic yet enduringly contemporary chain whose design celebrates the sea and summer moods. Classic jewellery that adds a sophisticated and distinctive note to any style.

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Summer Earrings

Animalier themes and blends of shapes and colours create an extremely vibrant and creative collection of earrings – jewellery with a strong personality, to be worn all summer long. Bold, structured shapes are enhanced by continuous experimentation with diverse materials, such freshwater baroque pearls, rock crystal and rutilated quartz.

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