Argenti senesi
In Siena the presentation event.

In the prestigious location of San Raimondo al Refugio in Siena, on February 1st, the book Argenti Senesi, dal 1781 all’unità d’Italia was presented. Written by Professor Paolo Torriti, from the University of Siena, the book's preface is by Giovanni Raspini, who actively participated in its realization.

Giovanni Raspini as a company promotes different cultural initiatives related to our teritory, to cinema and photography, to food&wine, but the great passion of its founder is for silverware and ancient jewellery linked to his youth and to the choice to become a jewellery designer.

“I am only the promoter of the initiative", states Giovanni Raspini. "But the credit goes to Professor Paolo Torriti, who has carried out an investigation with rigor and passion. In the works of two centuries ago, it is possible to recognize the traces and the signs of manufacturing that are performed in our company every day, even if we design and create contemporary fashion jewellery. We look at the future, but the roots are in the great Tuscan tradition ".