Discover the allure of the Giovanni Raspini Animalier collection. Handcrafted and exclusive creations that pay passionate homage to the beauty of nature.

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Contemporary shapes and striking textures, chiselled like precious flashes of metal. All the fierce charm of an iconic beauty that frames the body.

The Seaworld

Jewels born from the sea to appeal to a determined, sophisticated woman, a woman who loves the lunar reflections of silver, enhanced by the plastic strength of its design.


Happy childhood memory of the infant world. It is our spring to wear, a flutter of wings on the petals of silver and simple stories, in the endless green.


Jewellery carved from the infinite light. To wear as a rich chiaroscuro and soft roundness.

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Ties of infinite beauty. Silver declined in the forms of contemporary tradition, chains and textures that become, themselves, beautiful jewellery.

Hearts & Coins

Hearts and Coins is the collection that Giovanni Raspini dedicates to heart-shaped jewelry from romantic inspiration and the charm of ancient coins.

Man Line

Silver and leather, light and shadow.

´╗┐The perfection of opposites for a man who knows how to wear the simple and absolute beauty of matter.

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