Nine Chimeras as prizes for Icastica 2014 artists
Giovanni Raspini designs nine unique pieces for the new edition of the art-focused kermesse.

Icastica, the great summer festival in Arezzo, dedicated to contemporary art in its various expressions: architecture, design, theater, music and dance, heartened by the successes of 2013, is now at its second edition. Among the protagonists is silversmith Giovanni Raspini, author of the nine sculptures that will be the rewards for artists, performers and guests in attendance, many of them of international standing.

Also this year, to create the awards, Giovanni Raspini has decided to recover the founding myth of his city, linked to the figure of the Chimera: a masterpiece of Etruscan art, with its three heads: a lion, goat and serpent. The bronze statue of the Chimera of Arezzo was built at the turn of the fifth to fourth centuries BC. It was dug up in 1553 outside the City Gate of San Lorentino, it was brought to Florence upon request of Cosimo the Great: he fell in love with the plastic strength of the ancient bronze and wanted to have it in the capital as a magic eternal symbol of his Grand Duchy’s power. Giovanni Raspini has also decided to tell of his Chimaeras and the extraordinary myth that surrounds them. The nine Chimeras thus "raspinized" created by a highly contemporary conceptual action and cast in Bronzobianco - the alloy that captures the reflections of the moon, suspended between tradition and innovation - they represent a synthesis of the Tuscan silversmith’s creative style, and are a tribute to the goldsmith's tradition of the city ​​of Arezzo.

The Chimera del Teatro (a tribute to actor Dario Fo), The Chimera di Pietra, the Chimera Aeronautica and also the Chimera degli Abissi, the Chimera dagli Occhi Celesti, the Chimera Loricata, the Chimera Coccodrillo, the Chimera Serpente, ending up with the Chimera dedicated to Seneca. Not to ferget the Chimera Liquefatta, created by Giovanni Raspini last Spring and presented to the Anglo-Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman on the occasion of his visit to Arezzo.

The prizes for this edition of Icastica were presented, on Saturday the 14th of June, in the town hall of Arezzo. A unique tribute to creativity, as a praxis of know-how and know-to-show, a complete expression between matter and abstraction, design and feelings, through the power of artistic synthesis. This is the new world of Giovanni Raspini, born from metal and the charm of fire, which is also eternal like every Chimera.