The new Spring and Summer jewels for 2017
The light of silver, the colour of stones, the new season of beauty.

It’s time for a new beauty, that of the Spring and Summer 2017 collection by Giovanni Raspini. Jewels born out of the figurative world of the brand, which seek and express a more feminine component, delicate and elegant. 

Ocean unveils all the fascination of colour and movement. The meting of the moon-metal recalls the flowing of sea waves which crashing against the rocks create a quicksilver foam and sparkles of light, with the blue and green colours of the natural stones. Fiore d'Alba is a jewel with a double interpretation: on one side the wonder of spherical volumes which come together creating new fascinating and protective forms; on the other the texture of burnished spheres made unique and precious by tiny flowers. Butterflies is new life full of light and elegant surfaces, treated with delicate textures on the jewellery’s silver wings. Canal St resumes the trend of non-figurative jewels, while maintaining the stylistic essence of the brand: the irregularity of form, hammered by hand, help provide wonderful lighting effects. And finally the gilt silver of Blue Note, embellished by insertions in lapis lazuli paste with bronzite flakes: blue and bronze melt with the golden reflections: shapes that intertwine and chase each other. 

The new spring summer collection by Giovanni Raspini tells the contemporary beauty of silver, silver gilt and stones. Style and excellence, which is the necessary luxury that comes from the heart of Tuscany.