Superstones, jewellery from the hearth of earth

From the bowels of the earth comes a new fascinating exhibition of unique jewellery – Superstones


| 23 may

The event stages thirty extraordinary creations from Giovanni Raspini's new creative project, which features stunning minerals and stones.

Replacing traditional precious gems, here the centrepieces are fascinating minerals from around the world that forge a new jewellery concept, representing a splendid union of creative genius and goldsmithing craftsmanship.

There is no admission charge for this exhibition, which is scheduled to take place across the entire country in three stages. Visitors will enjoy a unique immersive experience on a journey of discovery of the exceptional beauty concealed in the bowels of the Earth.

You will find us in


From 28 to 30 June

Each piece is designed to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the minerals used, which becomes the common thread that guides us across multiple worlds.

Discover everything about the Superstones minerals

Like the Deep Blue Ring, embellished with an intense azurite, on which delicate gilded silver dolphins jump and chase each other. Only one of a multitude of other incredible jewellery pieces that make up this exciting and unrepeatable experience.

"We dedicated ourselves with great passion to the quest for beautiful, rare and fascinating minerals from all over the world that could act as centrepiece gems in my one-of-a-kind pieces. And so I slipped into a fascinating new world, the starting point for these radically unconventional jewellery pieces in terms of style, richness and size"

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