Giovanni Raspini presents Nautilus
The new great exhibition of jewels from the depths of seas.

We thought that Giovanni Raspini was a jeweller, we discovered he is an alchemist. His creative dream is the utopia of Nautilus and Nemo, that is Nautilus / jewels from the submarine of Captain Nemo, the exhibition/event that will come to life from March 15th to 17th, 2019 in the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Visconti in Milan. The exhibition takes inspiration from the novel by Jules Verne, and closes the trilogy begun with Wild and continued with Vanitas Mundi, leading us to penetrate the vast oceanic depths, still unknown and rich in immeasurable beauty. 

For Giovanni Raspini Nautilus means adventure, imagination and creativity. Inspired by fascinating themes such as the treasures of the sea, the world of science fiction, the technology of the late nineteenth century, the universal exhibitions and fashion between Art Nouveau and Liberty, Giovanni Raspini has developed all his ability in storytelling and interpretation to create amazing jewels and dreamlike objects. Treasures from a universe of fantasy and discovery, imagined as part of the sumptuous submarine’s interiors of the mysterious Captain Nemo. Important jewellery with pearls, stones and corals, all handmade with the antique technique of the lost wax casting, silver and bronze architectures with visionary and intriguing scenic designs. Like the Nautilus submarine in bronze, the exhibition's hero, born from the ad hoc collaboration with Giancarlo Fulgenzi, the famous Tuscan creative.

"Besides the scientific novel", says Giovanni Raspini, "Jules Verne really invented the great science fiction and embodied it for all of us who have dreamed over those incredible pages. After many years, we too want to recount that universe and offer an interpretation linked to our narrative skills. We are jewellers and silversmiths, so our homage and tribute has been to design jewellery, silver and objects. Naturally, the star of the exhibition is the submarine Nautilus: this nineteenth-century technological creature that looks so animalier to us".

Nautilus, jewels from the submarine of Captain Nemo
March 15, 1
6, 17,  2019 from 10.00am  to 20.00pm - free entrance 
Palazzo Visconti, via Cino del Duca, 8 - Milan