New Jewels Collection spring/summer 2014
The new silver and gilded silver collections, expressing the creativity of contemporary design.

As many as five new collections for Spring and Summer 2014 by Giovanni Raspini: five ways of marrying beauty but a single unique and inimitable mood.

Pacific Palisade born from the fascination of an impetuous and faraway ocean, where coastal dunes moved by the wind against the gardens of Californian villas protected by wooden palisades, become true works of land art. This is a silver, figure-inspired jewel, almost abstract in style, characterized by a surprising creative synthesis. Four types of bracelets, a necklace, a ring and earrings, all embellished by luminescent crystals.

A unique plastic feature characterizes the Silver Ribbon collection, thanks to the accuracy of the work on the lunar metal. A necklace, two rings, three bracelets, earrings: Silver Ribbon develops and takes shape around the arm, down the neck, on the fingers. It is a simple jewel, yet sophisticated and with a delicate texture, very modern in its classic taste.

Chains of Fool is the silver collection that highlights three chains in their most classic themes between the favourites of Giovanni Raspini, all declined in three dimensions.

With Black Magic, Giovanni Raspini repeats the success of his latest gilded silver collections. Many jewels full of life and light, beautified by a contemporary décor of the pointed pendant and by the insertions in black onyx. Tree armlets, two necklaces, two kinds of earrings and the marvelous ship-hull-like ring. Black Magic has been created for a dynamic and charismatic woman, a woman who loves absolutely unique creations.
And finally Circus, a blaze of light, colour and fun. A precious and entartaining jewel that only Giovanni Raspini is capable of making: gilded silver, swarosvski crystals, coloured stones, for telling the most fascinating tales in the world, the story of the circus and of its protagonists The Clown, the Carousel, the Seal, the Hot-Air Balloon, Cheetah and Dumbo, all made as tableau vivant, articulated to wear with joy and sympathy. Two bracelets, a ring, a pair of earrings, seven pendants attached to the chain, and yet the important long Carousel necklace decorated with colored stones or the Carousel with swarovsky.

Four new collections devoted to Spring and Summer 2014. Excellence for the year to come, or Giovanni Raspini’s necessary luxury.