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We are creative craftsmen
Our products are made by hand. With great care.
A destiny of beauty makes Giovanni Raspini's creations unique. It is the necessary luxury that springs from the heart of Tuscany, for a brand with almost fifty years of a quest for excellence and for an absolutely personal style. Ideas, matter and labour: the keywords that every day we try to translate into jewellery and objects for the home, creations designed by an artist's love and realized with the dedication of the craftsman. Our company is located in Valdichiana, between Arezzo, Siena and Florence. Our products are handmade with great care. Processed one by one: designed, modeled, constructed and finished exclusively within the company. It is with a commitment to style and practicality that we like to convey through the exclusive boutiques of the Giovanni Raspini brand. Here our creations are confront and encounter the world, and such encounter becomes fashion. Good things have a soul and speak to those who have ears to listen.
Tuscany is synonymous with style and excellence throughout the world, thanks to its unique historical and cultural heritage
That's why we feel invested with a great responsibility: every day our work is confronted with the works and the beauty that this land has produced over the centuries.
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The new world of Giovanni Raspini

"I'm passionate about silver, which gives me an infinite array of sensations, never predictable, always changing."
Tuscan, architect and designer, Giovanni Raspini has designed houses, furniture, household items and jewellery. He represents the style and uniqueness of our strong brand, where the roots of classic blend with elements of contemporary design.
"Designing is about looking forward. I wanted to build my own pieces, make true my creations. So I selected the best sculptors, model makers and technicians, and I started. A dream of beauty made concrete thanks to grit and passion that characterizes everything we do. For years, I live and work in my house in the hills of Tuscany, a 16th C. country residence where I built my studio. Here, surrounded by the things that I like, I plan and design my creations. I love being between hot wax models that take shape. I'm passionate about silver, which gives me infinite array of sensations, never predictable, always changing. A jewel is real poetry, because beauty can give every time the thrill of creation.".
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The charm of fire
Our creations are born from fire and from creativity of man.
One of the most fascinating aspects of the goldsmith's art is its surprising dexterity. Even our jewellery and items for the home are made entirely by hand. Thanks to our design, we turn the idea into a primitive three-dimensional model, in wax, which will be used for the subsequent casting. An ancient technique, the "lost wax casting" creates jewellery and objects of great inspirational impact, thanks to the fire and the strength of the noble metal.
Once completed the actual construction it is now up to the buffing, burnishing for the silver artifacts, embedding if the jewel is carrying a stone. All that remains is the quality control and packaging: thus the style of Giovanni Raspini.
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As our motto goes: "make beautiful things and make them known to the whole world, since they have a soul and speak to those who have ears to listen”.
Reason, soul, unconscious, or a jewel by Giovanni Raspini. Quicksilver to touch, to wear on bare skin. Silver gilt to give it light and color. Important, with a unique personality, often animalier inspired, sometimes oversized or in limited edition.
The place with things that make us happy.
Home is the new world of Giovanni Raspini, for art to display at home that thrives on contemporary beauty and elegance, corroborated by the luminous energy of noble metals. An authentic and sincere style; in furniture, in design, on the table. Frames, champagne buckets, diffusers for ambient fragrances: artefacts with a precious identity, for a concept in continuous evolution. Collections created using the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, works shaped to celebrate the beauty and hand of man, to enhance the home and make it even more welcoming.
Precious stories made of silver and bronzobianco (white bronze), the noble alloy created in-house. The objects of the Home line have been developed with different metals but using the same artisan techniques to obtain works that are unique for tangible value and research into contemporary design.
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The “Gazette”
The Gazette is our company magazine - our house organ – from the initial four pages and a thousand copies in 2001 to forty-eight pages and eight thousand copies today.
"We tried a style, a layout, but most of all a content. Indeed, a real identity between form and content, fashion and information. Who knows if we succeeded, but we are really loyal to the Gazette. Communication is everything: The Gazette is a strong cultural and economic investment, a different way of doing marketing, an attempt to have our say in our own language. It is true that we also believe in listening"